About Our Firm

WorldEsquire is a law firm offering a general civil practice that covers immigration, personal injury, employment, and more. Let us find solutions to your pressing legal problems.
The US Constitution guarantees certain inalienable rights to citizens and non-citizens alike, and our firm will make sure those guarantees are honored. We use our cyberspace connection to expand our resources and research tools to remain current with new research technology in providing legal advice and representation to our clients. Our multilingual capabilities, dynamism, and versatility make us uniquely qualified to handle complex situations that individuals and businesses face.

Tailored Solutions to Our Clients’ Legal Concerns

It is our firm’s sincere belief that attorneys exist to help others resolve their differences by bridging the gap between people’s positions. In that regard, being of service to others and smoothing relationships between humans and other legal entities are the goals that must drive the legal community.
We aim to resolve conflicts as quickly as possible without damaging the relationships that people and companies have worked hard to build over the years. We believe every problem has a unique solution. The filing of a lawsuit is just an extension of tailoring a unique solution to a conflict, even though our firm considers it the last alternative.
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About the Founder

Aime Katambwe is the founder of WorldEsquire. He was born in Zaire (now The Democratic Republic of Congo) and traveled extensively throughout the world due to his father’s profession as a career diplomat. He is fluent in many languages, including English, French, and Spanish, which gives him an advantage when handling cases for individuals from different countries.
He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics and a Juris Doctor Degree (aka a law degree). Mr. Katambwe is admitted to practice in all Federal and State Courts of California.
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  • Extensive Experience

    Before creating WorldEsquire, Mr. Katambwe worked in private law firms as an associate, as well as in a public capacity with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. At that time, Mr. Katambwe’s experience covered all areas of litigation. He has tried and won cases in the Central and Citrus Districts in the County of Los Angeles. Mr. Katambwe has acquired years of experience in international matters, allowing him to provide the assistance his clients need.

  • The Focus of His Practice

    His practice focuses mostly on immigration matters of different types, including political asylum, business immigration, family-related immigration, waivers, the Violence Against Women act (VAWA), and some deportation proceedings, among others. Mr. Katambwe also practices in the general area of civil litigation on a case-by-case basis, including employment law and personal injury law.

  • African Community Resource Center (ACRC)

    Mr. Katambwe has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the ACRC, a not-for-profit organization helping African refugees and immigrants achieve economic self-sufficiency, acculturation, socialization, and health maintenance. He served as pro bono counsel on immigration matters at the ACRC.

His Work at Worldesquire

Mr. Katambwe maintains a busy schedule at the office located in the City of Valencia in Santa Clarita, CA.
  • “An Argument for Immigration Reform”

    By Aime M. Katambwe, Esq. The SOLVE Act bill that passed the committee on 4/26/06 was to double the number of Border Patrol agents and resources necessary for detaining and speedily deporting undocumented immigrants (UI). The bill also expanded local law enforcement’s ability to enforce our immigration laws. It also imposed new tougher punishments for employers hiring illegal immigrants instead of able and willing US Citizens (USC) and Legal Residents (LPR). It empowered cities around the US to enforce immigration laws against UI. What the Committee bill did, was that it recognized the contributions of that UI already here and…

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