President Obama Deferred Action (DACA)







This is too big an opportunity to miss out on since you have only been waiting for it all your life. So do not risk it: LAWYER UP!!!  


You do not have to have all these documents, but you need to provide some documents in each category (in red). Once you apply for DACA online:


1. We will call or email to set-up payment;
2. We will review the documents for you, create an e-file for you and send the finished document to you to sign and send back to us;
3. We will set up a Criminal Background Check for you and tell you if you qualify based on your criminal record;
4. We will prepare all the necessary additional documents for you;
5. We will prepare for Notarization all the necessary Affidavits/Statements based on your family and friends’ statements;
6. We will file your application (Form I-821D, Form I-765 and Form I-765WS) for you AND we will respond to any further request or inquiry by USCIS on your behalf; and
7. We will automatically follow-up with you every 2 years for renewal of DACA.


Proof of Age


  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Consular ID
  • Affidavits or Statements of Parents and/or Witnesses to the birth or registration of such birth.




Proof of Date of Entrance


    • School records/school IDs
    • Vaccination records
    • Medical records for self and your children if you are shown as the parent
    • Pay checks/Contracts for Work/Pay stubs
    • Rental/lease Receipts
    • Affidavits or Statements of family and friends you have known in the US who can verify that you came to the US at least 5 years or more before June 15, 2012. They must have legal status in the US



Proof of Residency (5 Consecutive Years in the US as of June 15, 2012)


  • Consular Card (Matricula Consular)
  • Birth certificates for children born in the US  School ID
  • School Certificates/Awards
  • Tax returns, W-2s, pay stubs (from June 2007 – June 2012)
  • Driver’s license/Government ID
  • Insurance (car/health/house)
  • School records
  • Medical records
  • Church record
  • Bank and/or credit card statements (June 2007-June2012)
  • House title or rent/lease contracts
  • Utility bills (gas, water, electricity, phone, etc.)
  • Community service records (youth groups, Boy/Girl Scouts, other service organizations ie Boys & Girls Club)
  • Sports records
  • Memberships in any organization dated June 15, 2012 going back 5 years




Proof of Presence in the US on 6/15/2012


  • Pay checks/Pay stubs/time cards/id cards/student cards/selective services cards, etc. dated or valid through June 15, 2012 or before going back 5 years
  • Employers’ documents of any kind dated June 15, 2012 going back 5 years
  • Lease contracts that confirms rental on June 15, 2012 going back 5 years
  • Pictures marked with time/date and taken in an identifiable place in the US
  • Church records of Baptism/1st Communion/Confirmation/or any other document from the Church dated June 15, 2012 and going back 5 years
  • Letter from sports league coach
  • Credit card Sales/ATM receipts/Store Credit receipts dated June 15, 2012 going back 5 years



Proof of Past or Current Education/Military Service


  • Diploma/Certificate from a US high school
  • GED certification
  • Military discharge papers/military ID
  • Proof of school enrollment/transcript



Proof of No Significant Criminal Activity


  • All records of arrest
  • All court records/disposition
  • All probation records
  • All and any dealing with Law Enforcement


Miscellaneous Documents


  • Voluntary Departure order
  • Deportation order
  • TPS Documents (expired or not)
  • Previous Asylum denial
  • NACARA denial
  • Any other immigration documents



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