Just the other day, the US Supreme Court upheld part of the Arizona SB 1070 law that was opposed by the Obama Administration. This tells me that states are slowly invading the province of the Federal Government of the United States when it comes to Immigration Law and perhaps more. There is a reason why there is a “United” before “States of America” in our country’s name. Federal law is uniform law. At least that is the way that it should be but isn’t in Immigration Law. Since President Obama was elected to the Presidency, it seem some states have multiplied their efforts and lawsuits to escape the power of the Federal Government and the republican majority Congress has decided not to help the current administration rack-up any success in whatever endeavor it undertakes for the country. In Texas, we heard talks of secession. Sheer stupidity without more! The 5-4 partisan decisions in the US Supreme Court only portend a similar outcome . . . as was the case in Bush v. Gore.

But more on point, every state it seems, is enacting immigration laws of its own, forcing the Feds to oppose the often insensitive and ill-guided unconstitutional pronouncements of vacuous legislatures. To what end? The cacophony of enactments only serves to show the degree to which our Immigration Laws are lacking in legality, common sense, logic and true precedential value; not to mention how no one agrees with their current state. Maybe the states have a plan behind their worthless exercise in this area, or is it that the President is hoping to swoop in at some point (soon I hope) and save us by bringing clarity to this field of federal law. Time will tell. I just hope that 25 years from now, the words “United States” still mean something. If they are to mean something, then the sister States will be wise to remember that there is no “I in Team”

Aime M. Katambwe, Esq. 7/1/2011

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